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Individual Services

The range of services offered by InterGest comprises all the administrative tasks associated with running a foreign branch office, subsidiary, regional office or associated company.​

Our range of services ist, therefore, tailored to suit the individual requirements of any company. While it is not possible to describe in detail the full spectrum and custormisable options of our services on this website, we are able to provide an overview.

We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements face-to-face.

Preparatory Phase

In the first stage, the preparatory phase, we will analyse your company's situation thoroughly and will draw up a suitable legal and fiscal concept for your foreign operational facility. The concept includes the definition of the economic purpose, the determination of the financial requirements and the preliminary checking of the existing operational sequences with regard to their organisational and technical prerequisites.

Our work in this phase is free of charge to our future customers and is not binding in any respect.


Introductory Phase

In the subsequent introductory phase, we will assist you in setting up the organisational structure of your foreign operational facility, in recruiting staff, and in laying down the chart of accounts and the company accounting system. We will also help you to draw up terms of delivery and payment, general standard terms and conditions or delivery contracts.


Administrative Activity

InterGest will implement its administrative services according to your requirements. Our clients of course have access to their current accounting figures and data at any given time.


Ongoing Advice

Through ongoing advice, InterGest supports its clients through all phases of their growth, employing its competence and expertise to ensure their economic success.

Oskar Freimann
Geschäftsführer, Treuhänder mit eidg. Fachausweis


Export Concept
Together with our clients we work out an overall concept that is optimally adapted to their specific individual circumstances and their requirements - such as company law, fiscal, operational, organisational and staff concerns - and which is, at the same time, justifiably affordable.
Implementation of the Concept
Our responsibilities range from developing a market strategy and marketing concept as well as establishing terms of delivery and payment, through to financing and settlement of payments. We also offer assistance in all legal and fiscal matters, including the reviewing of relevant contracts. Export Outsourcing
We also offer you the possibility to outsource your entire export department.

Franchising - nationally and internationally

Many companies have advanced and brought to perfection their business idea. Their business model has proved a success and now they find themselves looking for a way to expand. We are experienced in establishing and managing franchise systems effectually. We also have the according infrastructure at our disposal at home and abroad to be able to give you our full support in further developing your business further beyond your country's frontiers. Please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out our contact form for an introductory appointment to discuss your ideas.

Sales Organisation

As part of our services, InterGest offers you the establishment, supervision and reorganisation of sales representative and distributor networks. Sales successes abroad are to a large extent conditional upon employing the right staff and on the existence of sales organisations that function smoothly and economically. We can help you to find and preselect managers, sales representatives, agents and commission merchants. We assist you in establishing a network of representatives and distributors, manage commissions accounting and translate sales visit reports into your native language.


With our HR services you can expect more than just a properly prepared payroll. We of course take care of your payroll according to the local law and regulations, reliably and in due time. But on top of that, InterGest also offers its clients:

  • editorial support with contracts of employment
  • ceding of national insurance
  • income tax
  • statement of expenses
  • clearing of health and accident insurance
  • accomplishment of abrogational proceedings
We are also able to advise you in the selection of staff and assist you during interviews.

Financial Accounting

Although there are efforts to set international standards for financial accounting, there are different regulations in each and every country. It is of course mandatory to abide by these local regulations for your annual balance sheet for legal and tax purposes. Larger sized enterprises in particular prefer to do their accounting in accordance with US-GAAP or IFRS within their corporate group in order to be able to prepare a straight forward consolidation for their international companies. InterGest has the ability to deal with both ways and take care of your financial accounting according to the requirements of the corporate group and of the local accounting regulations. To do two annual balance sheets - e.g. in accordance with IFRS and local regulations - for one client is a matter of daily business for us.

Financial Controlling & Reporting

If you place the management of your subsidiary in trustworthy hands, you have the right to expect absolute transparency when it comes to corporate reporting. At the InterGest Head Office in Sarreguemines, we, like many of our partners, utilise international SAP R/3 software as an ERP system, which, via the distribution of information user licences, makes all business operations 100% transparent. However, even companies that do not work with SAP can be sure of customised and absolutely individual reporting. Whether you wish to work with your own MIS software or prefer Excelfiles, whether you require periodic reporting or would rather "help yourself" to your figures via a VPN connection – the choice is yours. We provide the following services in this area:

  • periodic overview of all customer accounts of the different country organisations in the national currency or any foreign currency
  • a country-by-country periodic overview of all accounts of all foreign subsidiaries in a uniform currency selected by the user
  • country-specific and country-by-country budgeting as well as comparison of budget with actual figures
  • periodic cost accounting with operating results

Accounts Receivable Management

Introduction of the euro
With the introduction of the euro, many companies believed that the presence of their organisation in the form of a branch office in other countries would be superfluous.
They have discovered, however, that this is not the case, and that there is not only a reduction of turnover, but significant delays in the receipt of payments are experienced.
Delays of payments
Reminders from abroad are taken less seriously, bank transfers or cheques are filled in belatedly, and when reminders and warnings are sent by foreign suppliers, the large number of intermediary banks involved in international payment transactions can be blamed for the delay. It is, therefore, not uncommon for the means of payment submitted to a non-domestic bank by an exporter (e.g. cheques or bills of exchange) to only be credited to the account 4 - 6 weeks after they are due. This means that an interest rate of 8 - 12% p.a. must then be paid on the necessary current account overdrafts. Banks and their handling fees
The vast majority of European banks refuse to discount bills of exchange on their own account because they do not wish to face the risk and the formal difficulties of debt collection abroad. Cheques or bills of exchange are only accepted for collection, and for each bill a handling fee is charged – irrespective of the amount to be collected.
The domestic banks demand the same amount again from their customers for handling foreign bank transfers, which means that bank charges are quite an issue. Suppliers who do not calculate with a generous profit margin can easily feel like they are only working for the bank! Throughout the handling period of the payment, companies do not have the urgently needed liquidity to finance production and other advance costs, so that they are dependent on very high current account overdrafts. Small and medium-sized businesses in Europe know from negative experience how difficult it is to obtain overdrafts today. Accounts receivable management by InterGest
On top of that, collecting debts abroad often causes considerable difficulties, as the reluctant debtors tend to believe that the creditor has insufficient knowledge of the local legal framework or might not pursue the matter with the necessary vigour. This is where InterGest comes into play. Our collection department often brings the desired success after only one reminder letter. Even in more obstinate cases, our legal experts find the right ways and means of persuading debtors to fulfil their obligations. Since we have successfully managed receivable accounts for our clients for decades and we have our local InterGest partners as experts for each country, we are able to advise and support our clients in the best possible way.

Legal Advice

This service comprises all sectors of public and private law, in particular commercial and company law, tax regulations, labour law and social law, customs law and foreign exchange control regulations, as well as private international law and EU law. Our lawyers, tax advisers and accountants draft contracts, reports, minutes of meetings and provide expert opinions in the respective national language, as well as in English or German. We also offer assistance in negotiations with business partners, representatives, public authorities, banks, insurance companies and employees.

Information Service

In order to avoid debt losses, InterGest clients take advantage of our information services. An on-line link to the largest credit reporting agencies, as well as cooperating banks, is maintained in the respective countries to provide immediate access to confidential creditworthiness and trade reports on companies or private persons.


The formation and trust administration of foreign subsidiaries constitutes one of our main fields of activity. If a foreign company intends to establish a branch or subsidiary in a new export market and calls on InterGest 's services, InterGest will handle all the requisite formation formalities and devise a customised mode of operation for the foreign company, taking into account the legal, fiscal, economic and structural aspects of the foreign parent and ensuring that this can be achieved at a realistic cost. In particular, we offer:

  • experienced staff who deal with all office work and, in addition to their national language, are often conversant in English, German and French
  • an officially accredited accountancy organisation under the direction of a professionally qualified accountant and a tax expert
  • an experienced team of professionals for all specialised fields of international commerce, trade and banking
  • modern offices in the business centres of major cities across the world with state-of-the-art installations for office communications and computer systems
  • large-scale invoicing and accounting, sales and inventory statistics, profit calculations, payroll and agent's commissions

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